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To Pee or Not to Pee?

Toilet phobiaI know I’m not alone when I say this, but I truly hate public restrooms. I’m not sure when I began to feel this way or why, but suffice it to say that my aversion to public restrooms is borderline phobic. I am convinced that each visit puts me at high risk of contracting some type of itchy-scratchy disease that lurks within those urine-stained disease chambers. For the most part, I’ve been able to strategically plan how I deal with Mother Nature’s call, but having kids – who insist on holding it until we are away from home – has forced me to get downright religious with how I handle this phobia. Most days, my mind goes a little something like this:

Flowchart graphic

So, now that you’ve got a visual on how I really feel about public restrooms, imagine my horror when just the other day after psyching myself up to visiting my office’s bathroom, cautiously selecting the least nastiest stall, and carefully mummifying a public toilet, the auto flush feature on the toilet kicked in shooting water from the back of the toilet, hitting the stall walls, the floor, and anything within reach! I screamed bloody murder, kicked the stall door open, and ran out of there as if a crime was being committed!

Knowing that I narrowly escaped death by way of tidy bowl baptism, I felt an overwhelming need to leave early and go home for a glass of wine and a long soak in a bath of rubbing alcohol mixed with hand sanitizer.


Robin DaHood

FoodDriveSometimes I can’t help but laugh at some of the crazy things that I encounter in life, but this one…I’m caught between laughing, crying, and just being speechless beyond both.

Recently some colleagues and I were brainstorming about ways to give back to the local community throughout the year. We already had seasonal events that we collectively supported like Lawyers Have Heart charitable marathon and Angel Tree, but we wanted to figure out how we could make more of an impact on our local community throughout the year. We knew that folks tended to be most charitable around the holidays spanning from Thanksgiving to Christmas when all of the ‘tis the season holiday cheer makes everyone more conscious of others less fortunate. But, the reality is that folks are in need of help all year long, and we needed to expand our efforts. So, we decided that we’d support our community by pairing with an organization to do a mid-year food drive.

A few of us gathered during our lunch hour to artfully decorate five donation bins with clever slogans like “Can up! Let’s End Hunger Together” and “Always Thanksgiving, because people are hungry all year.” It was a proud moment seeing folks come together for such a worthy common cause. Almost made me want to hold hands and start singing Kumbaya. So, filled with optimism about all of the good we’d accomplish, we placed the bins strategically throughout the firm in the kitchenette areas on each floor and waited for the cup to runneth over. Little did we know that somewhere lurking in the halls of the firm was some straight foolishness waiting to to feed off of our efforts.

A week later, I sat down with a colleague to lament over what appeared to be a lack of donations in our bins and learned something so unbelievable that all I could do was sit there with my mouth wide open. My colleague shared with me that there was one amongst us, another employee, that has taken to doing her grocery shopping from the collection bins.

First, I tried to rationalize what might make a person do such a thing. Remember the episode on Good Times when the Evans Family thought their poor neighbor had offered them a meatloaf made from dog food? Well, perhaps this was the same kind of situation. Maybe she herself was struggling and in need…maybe she was hungry…maybe she….no, no, no.

My colleague belabored my ears with tale after tale of this employee and her antics throughout the firm. Apparently, this woman has a reputation of


Unemployment Blues


I’ve heard stories of people who die once they retire. When I’d hear these stories, I would simply shake my head at the mystery behind this while regaling about how I’d travel the world footloose and fancy-free once I was no longer working. But, now, I think I have a better perspective on how a new retiree might feel. Of course, I’m nowhere near retirement age; last I checked, not many folks retire at age 25 (hush, I’ve stopped counting), but I am now one week into being unemployed and quite frankly I feel a little lost.

For a woman who once claimed to never have a dull moment, I seem to now have eight hours a day of just that. Of course, everyone around me is encouraging me to “take advantage” of the time I have off. Get a massage. Write. Do a little traveling. Even I am cheering myself along to do all of the things that I’ve complained I never had time to do. But, who am I fooling?

While I’m thrilled to spend extra time with my family, I want to work.

And, yes, I’ll admit that I’m happy (damn near ecstatic) to no longer be with my last firm, but I want to work.

I’m even more excited that I have free time to write, yet I’ve struggled with putting pen to paper and finger to keyboard this week. As a matter of fact, I had to force myself to sit down to write this. I simply want to work.

Maybe my husband is right. Perhaps I will look back upon this time when I’m working again and wish that I’d gotten that massage, wrote a little more, or took that much needed trip, but how can I do any of that if my mind is so consumed with work?