Ocean Therapy

20161025_064938There’s something so soothing about the rhythmic sound of ocean waves caressing the shore. Growing up, I remember sitting on the warm sands of Virginia Beach, my knees pulled up to my chest, allowing all my worries to flow out into the expansive depth before me.  I always enjoyed going to the beach closer to dusk.  Seemed like there was a better chance of finding peace at that time. Most of the tourists had scattered by then, off entertaining themselves at a local club, restaurant, or video arcade.

At dusk, the world seemed so clear.  It was like the ocean was pulling all of the crazy from the day out into the depths of forgiveness. There I would sit, in God’s obvious presence, allowing the sound of the waves to soothe my soul. It was therapy.

Right now it’s 4 am. The sound of the ocean is breaking the silence of the night. However, this time it fails to comfort me. Truthfully, I was initially unimpressed with the sound of waves emitting from the mini speaker on the cell phone. The sound was flat and failed to capture the natural reverberation that impacted my soul with each crashing wave.  However, I grew to accept that the artificial white noise would have to do since the real thing wasn’t an immediate option.

All I needed to do was just set the scene.  I’d turn the thermostat up, pressing the button until it reached at least 75 degrees, and although it wasn’t quite the same, in a closed room it could feel a little like summer. I’d close my eyes, imagine the sun licking my skin, and envision myself sitting on the beach again.

But, not tonight.  No, tonight, the calming ocean effect has been interrupted. First,  the room is chilly, no doubt a result of my husband dropping the thermostat to a cool 70 degrees coupled with the sub-freezing cold that always seems to find its way under and through the locked windows. Secondly, I can barely hear the white noise over the sound of my husband snoring, drowning out any possibility of me drifting off into peaceful slumber.

These white noise simulators are  not like the real thing. As #45 loves to say – “Fake news!”  (lol).

I need a REAL vacation… and, although I love me some him, probably one without the snoring bear beside me. I’m just saying…

(I’m typing on the dark so forgive any typos )

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  1. February 2nd, 2018 | Tammi says:

    I recommend earplugs or a decent set of noice-canceling earbuds so that the white noise can work. (I use some at work when the colleagues get too loud for my concentration.)

    You’re right that it’s no substitute for the real thing though!!!

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