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Love Defined

I recently read a blog titled “What to Do When The Person You Want Isn’t the Person You’re With” (shout out to Isis, author of The Goddess Column where the idea of pursuing true love, over all things, was so idealistically expressed.

Truly a great blog, but I, uh, beg to differ on that notion. Remember back in the day when rappers used to have a diss album or a battle track? Well, this is not that…just a different perspective on the idea of love.

Call me jaded, but I just don’t think that love is the cure all.

Now, if you had asked me this in my 20s, I would have gotten all dreamy-eyed and agreed wholeheartedly while humming “…something in my heart, something in my heart has got me hooked on you” by Michel’le . Now, I’m singing a different tune as I look back at my youthful optimism and naiveté. Ain’t it funny how life and a couple of marriages have a way of opening one’s eyes?

Sure, love is definitely a must if you want to have an enduring relationship, but I challenge you to ask any woman over the age of 30 her thoughts on this matter, and she’ll likely quote Tina Turner – “What’s love got to do with it?”

The fact of the matter is that love is not all it’s cracked up to be.  It’s not the passionate,  heart pounding, can’t wait to see him/her, stay up on the phone all night until you fall asleep feeling that every tv screen or magazine page sells us.  No, it’s much deeper and dirtier than that.  It’s staying when sometimes you want to leave.  It’s knowing that some days I don’t like you, let alone love you.  It’s about commitment and partnership,  good and bad, better and worse. Sometimes much worse. That, my friend, is true love.

So while some might call this jaded,  this is how I’d define LOVE.


Spiritual Eyesight

There have been many times in my life when I thought I knew what the right thing was, only to find myself in a situation that was not healthy for me. Even more, there have been times when I’ve thrown caution to the wind and willfully walked into situations that I knew were unhealthy, quietly praying that it would all work out in the end. (Thank the Lord for guiding me through my foolish, but fun, 30s!)

 As I’ve seasoned in life, I’ve tried to be more deliberate in my actions. I’d like to think it’s because I am trusting God to lead me where I need to be, but I know I still get in my own way. I believe that He has great things in store for my future, but I also need to focus on my present.

I think I have Spiritual Farsightedness. My symptoms are:  missing out on daily blessings; can’t see God up close; and tripping over trials and tribulations.

Yep, sounds like my eyesight is off and needs to be tuned up. I need to get my vision adjusted to add some spiritual nearsighted so I can appreciate God in the moment, in addition to praising him in advance.

Curious, how’s your spiritual eyesight?