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Holiday Blessing

On Christmas Eve I trekked to Washington D.C. to search for a gift that I thought I’d left in my office. Normally, I would simply wait until the next work day to retrieve any forgotten item, but since I was planning to be off for a few days I was willing to brave the bumper-to-bumper traffic and ridiculous parking prices for the occasion.

Typically, finding a curbside parking space in the city is doubtful, but as luck would have it there was an empty parking space just mere steps from my building door. Any other day, I would have thrown on my faux-New Yorker attitude and zipped into the space before someone else spotted it, but this time I hesitated.

Just steps from the coveted parking space stood a homeless man, layered in dirty clothing and blowing warmth to his hands. He stood silently, standing guard over a large blue waterproof tarp which covered piles of items on a park bench. I slowly drove up to the curb and debated over whether or not I wanted to park in the space. It wasn’t even that I was nervous or afraid of the man. Working in D.C., I see homeless people and panhandlers on a daily basis. Plus, it was broad daylight and the likelihood of anything happening on the busy street was unlikely. Rather, I paused because honestly (and quite shamefully) I didn’t want to deal with what would likely be someone begging for money.


Responsibility Ain’t Sexy

Earlier today I ran across a picture of my husband and I when we’d first started dating. Smiles lit our faces. Eyes sparkled with the promise of new love. Years later, those same eyes can barely stay awake long enough most days to share an intimate conversation. It’s not that we love each other any less. No, in fact, I’d say we love each other more than we did that day because now we understand the impact of “us” in this grand universe.

It’s just that we wake each morning before dawn to hustle kids out the door for school before we climb onto the hamster wheel of life to run around…and around…and around again in the same daily routine.

I shake my head when I hear tales about married men and women who get caught up fantasizing about someone other than their spouse. It could be that woman on the job who hangs onto his every word or the old acquaintance who compliments her on how beautiful she still is. That other person appears to have the Midas touch and says just the right thing to brush off the dregs of monotony. But, that’s because he/she is not down in the trenches with you on a daily basis, and things are never glamorous in the trenches. As a matter of fact, it can get downright dirty when you’re laboring through hard decisions and heartache.

Simple truth: responsibility just ain’t sexy.

But, just for a brief moment I found myself humming that old tune by Minnie Ripperton – I stumbled on this photograph, it kinda made me laugh. It took me way back, back down memory lane – and it was so nice to remember the days when all we had to share were our thoughts, dreams, and beds.